Our mission?
To improve the comfort and well being of the population

our activities

  • orfea acoustique industrie

    Industrial acoustics

    Reducing the impact of noise and vibrations

  • orfea acoustique architecturale

    Architectural acoustics

    Acoustics in construction or renovation of buildings

  • Environmental and urban acoustics

    Acoustics mastered in development projects or classified installations

  • orfea acoustique transport terrestre

    Transportation acoustics

    Limitation of the sound impact of the road or railroad infrastructures

  • orfea acoustique transport aérien

    Transportation acoustics (AIR)

    Aid plans in the sound damping of houses

  • orfea acoustique eolien

    Wind farms

    Impact studies of your wind farm project

  • orfea acoustique developpement

    Research &

    Our knowledge serving innovation

  • orfea acoustique expertise


    Our experts train you and act for the prevention of dispute

Get to know us

In today’s modern world the problems caused by noise pollution and vibration have become more acute, whether it be in the workplace, among neighbours, in public areas, centres of learning or in transportation.

Our mission is to control and reduce the level of noise and vibration, thus improving the comfort and well being of the population.

Since its creation in 1997, ORFEA Acoustique has been committed to this task, thus becoming one of the leading acoustic consultant companies in France, with a team of 40 qualified professions, including technicians, engineers and support services.

ORFEA Acoustique guides its clients through the process of identifying the noise and vibration problems, recommending acoustic measures and solutions, right up until the implementation of the necessary works to be undertaken.

Since the middle 2016, ORFEA Acoustique has been detained by the holding company Groupe LACORT (also owner of ORFEA Acoustique Développement, R&D subsidiary dedicated to the development of Silent Space® – and SIC Formation).

orfea acoustique qui sommes nous
Who are we ?


Contrôle acoustique des parcs éoliens terrestres

Depuis début 2022, un nouveau document réglementaire est en vigueur pour les parcs éoliens terrestres, au travers d’un protocole de

Etude acoustique dans une salle d’écoute

Dans la série des locaux atypiques, notre équipe a eu l’occasion d’intervenir pour le compte du groupe ATLANTIC sur la