who are we?

In today’s modern world the problems caused by noise pollution and vibration have become more acute, whether it be in the workplace, among neighbours, in public areas, centres of learning or in transportation.

Noise and vibration cause annoyance but also have a serious effect on public health, leading to such conditions as loss of hearing, disrupted sleep as well as stress related mental health conditions.
Our mission is to control and reduce the level of noise and vibration, thus improving the comfort and well being of the population.

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Since its creation in 1997, ORFEA Acoustique has been committed to this task, thus becoming one of the leading acoustic consultant companies in France, with a team of 40 qualified professions, including technicians, engineers and support services. ORFEA Acoustique guides its clients through the process of identifying the noise and vibration problems, recommending acoustic measures and solutions, right up until the implementation of the necessary works to be undertaken.

    Our field of expertise:

  • Architectural acoustics
  • Industrial acoustics
  • Environmental acoustics
  • Transportation acoustics (road, rail & air)
  • Sound design
  • Research & Development
  • Training
 ORFEA Acoustique is:
  • Founding member of the network LED, Limousin Entreprises Durables, supported by the Conseil Régional du Limousin to answer the stakes in the sustainable development
  • Founder member of the Pôle Limousin Environnement, active in all the key sectors of the environment and for a sustainable development
  • Member of the labor union CINOV – GIAc, group of Engineering consultants and independent consulting firms specialised in acoustics, representing the profession towards the public authorities and participating in the elaboration of the statutory and normative texts.

To choose ORFEA Acoustique, it is to choose a company attached to satisfy everyday the requirements of its customers.








Years of operation

Management team

frédéric lafage

Founder - CEO

  • Founder – CEO of ORFEA Acoustique Développement
  • Judicial expert in acoustics
  • Vice-President of CINOV
  • Former President of the GIAc from 2007 to 2011


Manager of ORFEA Acoustique Normandy-Brittany

  • Acoustical engineer
  • Internal Technical Manager of the Wind Farms expertise
  • Judicial expert in acoustics


Administrative and Financial Manager

  • In charge of the law validation of contracts
  • Hygiene and Safety Manager
  • Human resources Manager

Charlene FEOLA

Communications manager

  • Internal and external communications manager for the Group
  • Contact person for the media and service providers in event organization

Material tools

ORFEA Acoustique works with the latest technologies in equipment and software.

Every software we use allows the following analysis:

  • analysis of road, industrial and railroad noise
  • modelling of rooms of big volume such as amphitheatres or concert halls
  • mapping of internal and external noise
  • statistical calculation in compliance with the norm
  • calculation of the levels of isolation in buildings
  • fine analysis and vibrations
  • analysis of the reverberation time, the isolation of walls, screens, silencers, etc.

Furthermore, ORFEA Acoustique owns numerous acoustic softwares for analysis of data and calculation as well as a CRM software (business follow up, projects, sales and resources management, etc.) and another one to manage and classify documents, given our data protection policy and the encryption of files.

orfea acoustique

Qualifications and capacity

  • Acoustic studies – 1601
  • Transportation acoustics – 1602
  • Industrial acoustics – 1603
  • Architectural acoustics – 1604
  • Environmental acoustics – 1605
  • ISO 9001 (v. 2008) certification – delivered by AFNOR