Wind farms

Our missions in Wind farms

The French government is eager to pursue the development of wind energy as it is the most competitive electric renewable energy along with the hydro-electric power. It also wants to attain the European renewable power production objectives: for the wind energy (including offshore), the objective is to multiply the power by 5 before 2020 compared with 2009.

We have been counselling numerous developers in their projects of setting-up wind farms (Ministerial decree of August 26th, 2011) as these projects were submitted to authorization in conformance with the legislation for ICPE.

The legislation imposes that sound transmissions uttered by the wind plant must not cause an emergence superior to the eligible values in specific zones.

Learning from previous experience and the method we developed, we provide complete impact studies on wind farms, respecting the regulatory and prescriptive requirements.

The Director of our branch ORFEA Acoustique Normandie is also an active member of a professional and influential working group that takes part in the writing of the wind farm standard. Supervised by the French Association for Standardisation (AFNOR), its members are:

  • Acousticians from independent acoustic consulting firms’ members of the syndicate GIAc
  • Representatives from the syndicate for renewable energy (SER)
  • Public authorities such as the Centre d’Études Techniques de l’Équipement de l’Est
  • Manufacturers

This working group meets approximately every trimester and is currently working on the standard that will settle a noise measurement procedure for wind farms.