Industrial acoustics

  • Measurement and monitoring of occupational noise
  • Vibration measurement
  • Design of isolation solutions
  • Improvement of working conditions and working environment

Architectural acoustics

  •  Internal acoustics: constructions, audiovisual equipment and auditoriums (quality of listening or atmosphere)
  • Isolation to external or internal airborne noise and impact noise
  • Technical equipments noise (heating system, ventilation, air conditioning, elevator,…)

Environmental and urban acoustics

  •  Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE) and neighbourhood noise
  • Environmental noise prevention plans (French PPBE)
  • Neighborhood noise control

Transportation acoustics

  •  Initial noise level and measurements of the traffic-induced noise
  • Ranking of the transport infrastructures (road and rail)
  • Modelling and cartography of the impact of the project on the environment

Transportation acoustics (AIR)

  • Initial noise level (measurements)
  • Proposition of solutions for the acoustic isolation
  • Frontage and roofing isolation towards railway noises

Wind farms

  •  Preliminary acoustic impact study of the project
  • Residual noise measurements (based on speed and orientation of the wind)
  • Sound cartography and modelling of the noise levels with the creation of a wind farm
  •  Estimation of the emergence, speed governing plan

Research &

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Via our subsidiary SIC Formation, we have been training interns for more than 20 years in the matter of acoustics. We also accompany our customers as judicial expert.